The Dusk Hare

Teyr Solras

Poison Maker

Caretaker of the Night Garden


Not one to talk about his past. The process like pulling teeth from a voidsents mouth while it was trying to bite you. Caring little about his home, his so called family; brothers, sisters. The Rava left the protection of his birth home and never looked back.Birthname: Teyr
AKA: Tian
Age: 107
Hair: White
Eyes: Sunset Orange
Build: Slender; lithe.
For a couple of decades, the Rava just wandered. Taking advantage of roads less traveled to keep himself concealed from the sights of others. Darker paths and trails carved by others. Those were his choice. Rarely did he come out to seek help from another. While still carrying a venomous bite towards most, he is very much capable of being cordial for the sake of conversation and keeping the peace, but is very quick to anger once annoyed.

Relationship Status: Taken.
Nameday: 31st Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon
Profession: Apothecary
Weapons of choice: Poisons, Scythe, Staff.
Growing up, Tian always had a fascination with plants and medicines. That soon turned towards the darker side when he learned poisons helped solve problems. From there, he started dabbling more. Mixing and testing to see what combinations had minimal and maximum effects.He never looked back.

Distinctive Features

◘ Bright, orange eyes that seem to pierce through dark rooms.
◘ Scars riddle his body; across his chest, back and arms. Some overlapping. They are old and faded, but prominent in a few places.
◘ Usually found with a padded bag or two hanging off his belt. Within, various vials of liquids and jars of ointments.
◘ Mid-length, curly white hair, though he does dye the tips of his ears a different color pending the day.
◘His eyes are usually painted around, though it could be argued that they are tattoos over paint. While he usually sticks to one design, he isn't against using another if it suits the occasion.


Coming soon.

RP Hooks

╝ An Apothecary of the Night Garden; more than welcoming of those coming in and looking around. Will also take the time to make specific wares.╝Always fidgeting with something; his hair, a flowers, pen... something. He has the uncanny ability to always be moving.╝Very dark skinned. He blends in with most dark corners, his white hair and orange eyes seem to stick out the most.╝His aether is heavy. Like he is almost overloaded on it. While it is not completely strange, it is off.╝ Known to be a loanshark. He is not against helping others funding projects, but he will see the debt paid off in timely fashion.╝ Those who were conscripted or involved with Garlemald and her people, may recognize the man due to his time as a medic in the ranks; but like so many others, he too disappeared without a trace.╝ The Rava hides a hideous secret in the depths of his home and guards it closely.(More to come, or pitch an idea. Still a major work in progress but it is something.)

Countertop Wares

Items available in the main shop front.

ItemEffectsDurationAdd. InfoSide notes
Standard ParalyticImmobilize and render user unable to move.1-3 BellsEasily removed by traditional means-- Antidote, simple conjury. Can be reapplied for longer duration.Available in various forms.
Standard PoisonSlowly diminish the health of the targetOngoing til Death or Antidote givencured with basic medicines or conjury. Afflicted may need alternate treatments.Available in various forms.
Standard AntidoteCure basic poisons and/or Paralytics---Antidotes are specific. Shopkeep needs to be informed of symptoms to cater to more tailored poisons.Available in various forms.
Adventurers Basics------A small kit of basic supplies. Simple health poultices, ointments, and others essential needs. Shopkeeper will help build a personalized kit.Advanced kits available.
OilsVaries---Oils for massage, hair growth, etc. Discuss with Shopkeep to narrow down selection.---
Lotions------Available in various scents from sweet florals to enticing woods and beyond.---
Sleep AidsPotions and powders to assist with sleep5-8 bellsStrengths vary.Comes in single or multiple dosages
Perfumes------Available in a variety of scents for all.Comes in small or large bottles with applicator

**Other items available upon request.

Basement Wares

Items only available to select clientele

ItemEffectsDurationAdd. InfoSide notes
Blistering IvyItching, blistering skin. Spreads through touch.Itching persists a 1-2 bells. Blistering and sores persist til treatedSimilar in texture and appearance to a hand lotion. When applied to skin, the surface will start to itch then turn to oozing blisters and make the skin sensitive to touch.Lotion. Spreadable through contact. Treatment ointment provided.
Disillusioned DazeHallucinogens and mind impairment2-4 Bells; lessens if used frequentlyUsed mostly as a drug; promotes hallucinations and pushes the mind into a careless state.A drug. Minimal dosage recommended. Abuse may cause mental instability or psychotic break.
Healer's MercyAccelerates the body's natural healing process10-12 bells to fully heal a wound. Tenderness persists for 5 suns.Spread over wound and wrap with gauze for best application.Poultice. Do not ingest.
Creeping SporesInfects another with a fungal spore if introduced to open wounds.Persistent til treated.Spores that settle and grow in wounds of the victim. Slow, creeping death. Painful.Powder. Treatment/cure available provided.
Mind's RemorseSudden loss of consciousness, Night Terrors2-6 Bells depending dosageAccompanied with intense fever. May cause one to speak in their sleep.Concoction. Colorless and Tasteless. Best administered through drink.
Memorable DeathParalysis and severe nerve sensitivity1-2 BellsParalyzes the victim, rendering them unable to move. As it progresses, nerves become extremely sensitive to the point of severe pain with the most simplest of touches.Poison. Will wear off with time. Effects prolonged with extra dosage.
In the Making------------
In the making------------

**Other items available upon request and new ones coming in time.

Out of Character

Hello and welcome!My sincerest apologies for the lack there of information filled in at the moment. Carrds are the bane of my very existence so this will be a slow work in progress as the motivation to write this comes to me.While there isn't much to be said outside of the normal ranting and raving of most every other soul out there, I will line it out so there is no miscommunication. I am a 30+ year old player from the eastern time zone. I am either on early in the day or late in the evenings as I do work a job that keeps me busy during prime hours. My days off, I am usually around all day unless something else grabs my attention.I am an avid roleplayer and content junkie, I can be convinced to do either or if asked. I don't mind putting one down for the other either, a simple tell usually grabs my attention. I am very laid back and easy going, not terribly hard to get along with. I do have my days were I may be absolutely silent. Not that I don't like you or anything, I may be growling at something from the RL side of things.Back tracking a little to the RP things, I am very open to most kinds of RP. Dark, Mature, and some of the more spooky sides of things are my usual go to. Not that I am against anything else, I may just struggle with it. I usually play an antagonistic character. Nothing over the top, but I ask that it is kept in mind that I am not my character. As for ERP, if the RP goes that way, I am all for it. But if I am getting a straight up invite for a one and done thing, I hold little to no interest in that. Not my cup of tea. If it is something that can turn into a more long term thing, pitch the idea. The worst I can say is no. In addition, I would ask that anyone who approaches me be at least 18 years of age or older and the character the same thing. I will not entertain minors or minor aged characters. Bad juju, no thank you. Lala players, I adore you, you cute, but I will not entertain ERP with any lalafell.If there is something I missed, it has likely already been stated a millions time in other places. Common sense. Please use it. I beg you.I will hand out my discord if it is asked for. Due to stuffs and things floating around the server, I will not leave it here. Reach out to me in game, and I will add you.If there is anything else, please just shoot me a tell in game and I will happily talk with you.Happy Gaming!